The Newell Family: A Mini at Home

Now that it's cold out, I've been doing more photo shoots inside my clients' homes. Quite frankly, this always makes me nervous. It makes me nervous because I prefer natural light, and some houses just don't get any. I won't get into technicalities, but to avoid using a flash (which greatly changes the look of an image) you have to change the settings of the camera in a way that also greatly change the look of the image. Every photo shoot at someone's house feels like a blind date. I have no idea what I'm walking into and have to be prepared for everything.

WELL... I arrived at Barbara and Tyler's house, and she took me upstairs into a room with a backdrop and lights set up. She chose this room because it had the best light, and she was right. She did the work for me. It was such a wonderful surprise. The photo shoot was a breeze.

What a sweet family! Little Caroline is such a ham.... and Snickers is too!