The Morrissette Family: Emmaus Community Park

This was such a fun shoot for me. No, not because it's family, but for a variety of different reasons. 1) It was out of the norm taking it on a baseball field and I loved that (great idea, Kristen!)

2) Though I've known this family forever (I remember when Jon and Kristen were dating!!!), I had this weird nostalgia shooting them. It was like looking at my family 15 years ago.

Kristen contacted me wanting to do a quick photo shoot, hoping to do it at a baseball field since that's where they practically live. My uncle, Jon's step-dad, has coached baseball for years, Jon has been a coach, and all three of their kids play ball. This is their second home. There's no better place to take their pictures! I also loved that they had no issue with the "field closed" signs all over the place and I really loved that they were willing to come to my neck of the woods for our shoot. Thanks, guys!

As I took their pictures, I felt like I was looking at my brothers and me several years back. Jack, the youngest, is my youngest brother. The goofball. I loved watching Sydney laugh at him. I loved her bond with her brothers. I loved Dylan's (very tall) stoic, yet gentle presence... and how he too was so taken by his little brother's antics, and Jon and Kristen just reveling in their babies (almost) all grown up. Dylan will be off to college soon, which prompted this shoot. It's amazing how time flies.

It was great seeing all of you! Thanks for being such a fun shoot to photograph!