The Kratzer Family: Lehigh Valley Parkway

Nearly three years ago, I met Kristin through a mutual friend. She had just moved here with her husband, Dan, and their itty, bitty baby, Eliza. They needed a sitter one day a week, and I was their gal. Eliza and I were Monday buddies for several months. I just loved watching her grow. The following summer, I then watched Eliza and her new little brother, Luke, one day a week. Again, they were such fun days! (Then, I became a mommy myself). I've had so much fun getting to know the Kratzer clan. They're laid back, funny, generous... the adjectives could keep going. Oh, and not to mention gorgeous.

They have such an awesome family bond.

And these two kids! I could squeeze them. They're just the cutest and I love them to pieces.

See what I mean?

Something I love about Dan and Kristin is that they have such an obvious unconditional love for each other and really like each other. What I love more is that you can see this in these images.

Cheesy, aren't they?? (love it)

I always try and get shots of the kids with each parent separately and I just love the shots I got of Dan and Kristin with their babies. Such real moments. Check out the one of Eliza kissing Dan... absolutely melts my heart!


Kratzer fam, thank you so much for asking me to take your pictures. It was such an honor and a pleasure. You're truly special and so blessed to have each other.