The Hetrick Family: At home

Rae and I are technically "step" cousins, but we've been in each others' lives for as long as I can remember. So, step shmep... she's my cousin. Her son, Nolan, commented to her recently that he thinks they need new family pictures. So, she naturally came to her cuz! We decided to do it at their house since they have a killer view and rolling corn fields. Of course, the farmer cut down the corn right before our shoot, but we didn't let it stop us from getting great fall pictures!

love this photo shoot. Any of you who have had pictures done by me know that I say "I won't pose you." Yes, I will pick spots and tell you to get together, and I'll readjust something if it doesn't look right. Otherwise, I want the pictures to be you. If it means someone (Ryan!!) wants to wear their sunglasses... go ahead. If you don't care, then I don't care. If it means someone's crying or someone wants to stick their tongue out, go for it! This family's shoot totally encompasses the non-posing bliss. You see each and every one of their personalities, and I just love it. If this family was posed with their hands in their laps, you'd completely miss their fun, goofy, easy going personalities.

I started off with a couple quick shots of Avery and Nolan together. I'm glad I did because they refused to get too close to each other for the rest of the shoot!


I love feet shots... add some long shadows and I love them even more!


The family group shots by their apple tree are my favorite, and yes, we all ate an apple mid shoot!

Can't you feel the love??


If you've seen my other sessions, you know by now that I love the perspective of getting a shot of the kids with their parents in the background. I tried to set it up, but Nolan wanted to be with his parents and Avery was all about hamming it up. It's perfect.


I snagged a couple separates of the kids. I love their blue eyes! What pretty kiddos.


Okay, I think these is my favorite group of pictures from this session. Like I said, I don't pose. So, I told Ryan and Rae, "Just get together and do what you want to do. Look at each other, smile at the camera, kiss... whatever." What you see below was what they gave me. I love it.

Aren't they adorable? You can tell they really like each other... which is so important in a marriage!

Nolan, Avery and I ran off to take a few more pictures of just them. Ohmygod, they were cracking me up!


To round out the shoot, we ended with a couple more family shots and a couple with just dad and just mom.

So, there you have it. The Hetrick's! Such a fun family.

It was great seeing the four of you! xoxo