The DiSalvo Family: Moravian Tileworks, Doylestown, PA

Our first scheduled photo shoot had to be rescheduled because of storms, so when Rebecca and I saw that our rescheduled date was calling for storms again, we were none too thrilled. We kept an eye on the Doppler radar throughout the day, and to be honest, it wasn't looking good. The only plus was that the storms that were coming through came through quickly followed by settled skies. So, we figured the worst that would happen is we would have to wait out a storm in our cars. So be it! Fortunately, we didn't have to dodge any raindrops and the shoot went off without a hitch! I have quickly learned that toddlers rule the shoot. They decide how every single picture is going to look. They choose when certain poses are finished, if they're going to join a pose that they're not supposed to be a part of and if they want to smile or not. Israel was no exception to this rule, and he couldn't have been cuter doing it!

Check out this GORGEOUS family - Rebecca, Nick and their boys Dylan and Israel.


Thank you for a wonderful photo shoot DiSalvo gang! It was a special one, for sure!