The Dean Family: Green Lane Park, Green Lane, PA

Molly contacted me back in May to schedule family pictures. After chatting, we picked a date in August, only for me to realize I had a baby shower that day and there was no way I could get back in time. I felt awful. So, we picked another day in late August. The day arrived and it was a humid, muggy, stormy day. Though it's always nerve racking to decide to cancel with how hard it is to reschedule, we did just that. I was SO happy we ended up with a gorgeous September evening. Three times a charm! Meet the Dean Family.


They're that kind of family that is connected by their cores. It's as if God hand picked each one of them to be together; they're each a little puzzle piece that forms one perfect puzzle. The camera sees it all.


See what I mean? You can just "feel the love." Which all started with these two...


Then they added this little girl to their pack. Clara. How do I describe Clara?? I think if I was 7, she and I would be pretty good friends. She's incredibly charismatic, beautiful, smart and funny. I kinda see her as the glue in the family. She's free spirited, and wise beyond her years. During our shoot, I taught her the banana kick and she returned the favor by teaching me the airplane. She was also pretty adamant about getting a few shots with her baby doll Angie. She was too much fun!


Those eyes!!

Then, God blessed them with this amazing angel baby, Connor. He wasn't particularly in the mood to get his picture taken, but he has a soft spot for his family and their antics, so he showed that beautiful smile for me... well, not for me, but his dad, mom and sister. What an adorable blue eyed snuggle bug!


If you think they're cute on their own, look at them together. Be forewarned though, you may be overloaded with cuteness.




(That last one is the airplane Clara taught me!). I told you...

And of course, I had to get some separate shots with mom and dad!


So, there you have it. The Dean family. Molly, Brent, Clara and Connor, it was my pleasure to capture these moments for you. The beauty of your family is so special!