The Conrad Family: Lock Ridge Park, Alburtis, PA

Natalie and I have paths that nearly crossed so many times. I'm amazed that we didn't know each other before now! We live near one another, we're both a part of the same amazing mommy group (but Natalie's a few years ahead of me!) and we also worked in the same district. Small world! I had such a blast taking this family's pictures. Each one of these kids were so fun to follow around. They each have very different and very cool personalities. I was especially happy to get multiple hugs from miss Camryn.

Natalie and her husband Ryan were also great to take pictures of... I mean honestly, have you ever seen a better looking family? There was so much love between them. They were laid back, go with the flow and just full of smiles! Take a look!


The things I loved about this shoot besides the people? The soft glowing light and the candidness of so many of the shots. It's just a family being family. Nothing fake about it!

Natalie, Ryan, Evan, Owen, and Camryn, thank you for such a fun and relaxed morning! And thank you for introducing me to a new photography spot!!