The Asral Family: A Family Session at Fonthill

You know the saying "picture perfect"? Well, this is it. I'm telling you! Kristy and I were brainstorming different Christmas card ideas before our shoot. When we met, Evren, her husband, said "Let's forget the posey pictures with props and just be ourselves." Inside, I was smiling ear to ear. You see, I love props. They're fun, creative and trendy. BUT I love people more. I hide behind the camera, get in a zone and just snap away.

I love what I captured. They are so adoring of one another. It's obvious that they're good looking (right?!), but I quickly learned that their beauty comes from within. The looks they shared and the loving gestures they gave... I bet they didn't even know they were doing it!

Kristy and Evren, it was an absolute pleasure to freeze some moments of you with your beautiful children on this chilly November day.