Sandy: A Mini Session at Peace Valley Park

I met Judy the day I went in for an interview at the school I was later hired. She doesn't remember that initial meeting, but I sure do, and I remember thinking, "I'm gonna like her." Once I started, she, our principal and I had a chemistry you could only dream of. We had so much fun together. (**tear**). Though my life has changed a lot in the two years I've known her, she's grown to be one of my favorite people and someone I consider a dear friend.

When she told me that the family dog, Sandy, had a tumor and there was nothing they could do, my heart sank for her and her family. For me, losing a pet is losing a family member. There's no debate.  In fact, despite going through some very unfortunate losses in my life, I have to say that the loss of my childhood cat was one of hardest losses I had to grieve. Anyhow, this isn't about me. This is about Sandy!

There's no way of knowing how much longer Sandy has. It could be a few months, or it could be a year... or more? Who knows?! Regardless, Sandy is being spoiled rotten!

I can't remember if Judy asked me to take pictures or if I offered, but I wanted to be sure they had pictures of her ... of them... as a family. It's important. So, I met them at Peace Valley Park after another shoot and only took a few pictures, but I love them. Sandy was SO happy to be playing with her master, Bradley (Judy and Ed's son). My favorite part was when she decided she needed a drink from the lake. Instead of standing at the water's edge, she simply walked in and got her drink as she stood in water up to her belly. I whipped the camera back out to catch some water fun.


Ed, Judy and Brad, Sandy is a lucky pup! Enjoy spoiling her... she deserves it! Much love xo.