Lehigh Valley Family Photographer: The "W" Family

Every session is different. Every family is different. And every child is different. I'll let you in a secret... I love people. Heck, it's why I got a counseling degree! Some people show up to their sessions seasoned in front of the camera with kids who will do anything I ask. Other people come nervous as all heck with no idea what to do in front of the camera (eh, hem... this is me) and kids who are more interested in exploring than posing (eh, hem... my kids). This family was the perfect mix. We met in Trexler Park (favorite!) on a sticky May evening. They had never had family pictures before so I gave them my spiel of how I photograph to be sure they were comfortable. I like for my sessions to feel like we are hanging together at the park and I just happen to have my camera with me. Sometimes, I forget how it is to be on the other side and have no clue what I'm capturing. I think I'm sometimes a bit more discreet than I realize. And to be honest, there are times I leave a session not being 100% sure what I captured.

For this family, we truly just went with the flow. Their little lady was all about mixing up some posing and playing and I literally couldn't get enough of her, so I just snapped away. We had incredibly gorgeous light and scenery, too, so with all of this mixed together, I absolutely couldn't love their session more. Their little girl's expressions are to die for. She's so full of energy and spirit and she is the center of their world. It was such a pleasure to capture this.

Thank you "W" family for such a nice evening. It was so great getting to know you and your little girl. Our session was perfection. I hope to see you again, soon!


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