Lehigh Valley Family Photographer: The "W" Family

Jill and I met about 2 and half years ago. It feels like forever ago and just yesterday. We were new moms to these itty bitty little babies and have grown to be friends since that day. I've been fortunate to not only photograph sweet little Hank a couple times, but more importantly, befriend Jill. She is a part of my tribe and I love her dearly. It's been amazing going through the journey together and adding another baby to the mix. Meeting her at Lock Ridge Park wasn't like my other sessions at Lock Ridge... we were kinda just hanging out! And then here and there I'd be snapping my camera to grab the shots. We stayed until the sun set. .....

Nearly minutes before our session, before we left to meet, Jill text me asking if I could take pictures of just her. "Yes, yes I can!" I've never had this request before. In fact, most moms say "I don't want to be in the pictures at all." And they mean it! They don't even want an arm in there. But Jill, she felt differently and for reasons that are important and I hope many moms can empathize.

Jill is a mom. A great one at that. She is a wife, she is a friend, she is a sister and she is a daughter. Since becoming a wife and mom, like many of us, we lose who we are. We are never alone (like... ever!) and we're always doing things for others. Let's face it, we give up a lot as a mom. I think many of us forget who we are without being all of those things. It's so important to remember who we are. Jill, who admittedly isn't feeling her best (even though she looks amazing, who is 6 months after baby number 2?!) was totally ready to get in front of the camera. Alone. I was SO proud of her and excited for her to be okay with this and do this. I want every.single.mom to do this. We need to do this. It's so much more than just a picture. Kudos, Jill. You're amazing. You're beautiful. You're you.

Before getting to Jill's awesome photo shoot, check out all of the adorableness, especially with the brotherly love!! Swoon!

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