Lehigh Valley Family Photographer: Lock Ridge Park

Obsessssssed with this session. All the elements aligned. Gorgeous family, gorgeous light, gorgeous setting. Our original session was set for Reed's first birthday. Early that day, Sarah called to let me know that they were out of power. Personally, I don't want pictures I'll be looking at forever, have my greasy hair and greasy face in it. Ya gotta shower! So we both agreed to move it to a day where they were more relaxed, fresh and prepared, and I'm SO glad we did!

Our session was very go with the flow. We just moved around the park and took pictures wherever the park took us and I loved it.

At the beginning of our session, as I do with every first birthday shoot, I asked if Reed could walk. Sarah and Michael explained, "No, but he can stand really well and sometimes will take a step or two." Don't you know at the very end of our session, Reed took several first steps?! I was so excited to catch it on camera. What an awesome moment.

Happy Birthday Reed! Thank you so much, Sarah and Michael, for having me capture your beautiful family!


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