Harleysville Family Photographer: The "B" Family

Oh this family! I just heart them. This is the third or fourth time that we've use Heckler Plains Farmstead as our photo shoot location. It's because it's just so easy and no one is ever there. Kathleen and I agreed that we wanted a little bit of a different look and I definitely think we achieved that :)

Kathleen scheduled this session months and months ago... like last year. I love that about her. Then, a while ago I had passed a really cool field with transmission lines in them and thought it'd be an awesome spot for our session because the boys' dad works as a lineman at PPL and to have the boys in some of his gear. After sun stalking, we decided to stick with Heckler since they have transformers there anyway.

When I arrived and saw the higher grass, I swooned. Though the forecast was incorrect (shocker), I was delighted to see evenly overcast skies giving a beautiful light. We were set up for success!

These little boys are so much fun to be around. I've known half of them for their entire lives and the other half for almost their entire life ;). I've watched each of their little personalities develop and each is so different. Now that they're getting a bit older, the photo shoots are becoming even more fun. They love to play around and seriously only kept themselves clean for about 3 minutes. Like, no joke, grass and mud stains before we could even get situated for the first set of pictures. ... but that's what I love. They were all boys for their session, something I can totally work with and loved. Kathleen later told me that she was worried I didn't get much because they weren't behaving. They were totally behaving, Kathleen!! We nailed it.

Some of my favorite pictures (who am I kidding, every picture from beginning to end are my favorite) were the ones with their dad. Eric and the boys decided to make a tough man look, but the boys couldn't help but get silly. Seeing them all giggle together was so fun.

Oh, and of course Bo. Seriously one of the most handsome black labs I've ever laid my eyes on. He's ALL puppy and fits right in with his brothers. He is all lab and just adorable. He's also terrible photogenic.

Thanks for another awesome session B crew!!!

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