A Family Session: Peace Valley Park

A Peace Valley Park family session! This family is truly one of the sweetest I have ever met. I had the pleasure of working with this mama; an amazing first grade teacher. Their photo shoots are always fun. They schedule far in advance and plan, plan, plan ahead. Though, plans never go as expected, and their morning before their session was a bit chaotic. Certainly, their session still produced gorgeous images. It was muggy, accessories weren't exactly what were chosen, Brayden wasn't totally up for exactly what we had in mind, and did I mention it was muggy?? I just adored how their session came out though. We got their "formal" family pictures and some incredible candid images for Brayden being a boy, playing by the water. His fascination and questions were endless in such a precious way (probably not so precious when the questions are 24/7. Ha!). Thank you for having me photograph your family once again!!