Family Photography Session: Monocacy Creek Park, Bethlehem, PA

This family photography session took place at Monocacy Creek Park in Bethlehem, but it wasn't originally supposed to happen there! Molly had scheduled their family session months ago! When we were in touch to confirm the details, it occurred to me that her location choice, Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem, may not be available! We scheduled a Saturday, late afternoon session at the end of September. The likelihood of Burnside being used for a wedding was high. Don't you know, when I pulled up, they kicked me out! Yup, there was a wedding! So, I called Molly and we met a mile down the road at Monocacy Creek. Not only did we get bumped from our original spot, but the shoot almost didn't happen! Molly wasn't feeling that great and we waited up until about 2 hours before meeting time to decide to go ahead and shoot. And I'm glad we did because I wasn't able to reschedule! I've been fortunate enough to photograph this wonderful family a few times now. Every single time, it's an absolute pleasure. I love Molly and Brent's love for their kids and their family. I love Clara's frankness and zest (I always say we'd be best buds if only I was 9) and I love Connor's easy going nature. He's made SO much progress in a year, I can't even believe it. How awesome. I also loved that they included both dogs. It's certainly not easy to travel with dogs and have them cooperate the whole session, but in the end it's worth it. They're family too!

Happy Holidays, Dean Family!!