Family Photography Session: Family Farmstead

This family photography session was more special than some because it was taken at Heather's grandparent's farmstead in Upper Bucks County. I used to work amongst this territory, but never had a reason to venture out as far as this property. My drive was in the 7 o'clock hour when the sun was at its most golden. I could have stopped dozens of times along the way to capture the beauty that radiated among these country roads. I pulled up to the rundown property and fell in love. Heather had commented that the rundown state may not be suitable for a photo shoot and she eluded to the fact that some family members may have been a bit pessimistic that it wasn't a nice backdrop considering it used to be well kempt and used. Certainly, seeing a busy and active property become one that is still and unused can't be a happy feeling, but when I saw it, I saw life. I saw character. I saw a place that was a home... and a gorgeous backdrop for a family photo shoot! It was an early morning session. I know this family, they're friends of ours, so I could tell something was a tad off. I then learned that "hangry" was hovering over several members who will remain unnamed. I think one family member was even sans coffee. Poor things! The silver lining, is they treated themselves to a nice breakfast at a local restaurant. Regardless of hangry, we got some gorgeous images. This family is stunning in so many ways.

A funny side note: As I was culling through the images, I saw that Ethan had subtly inserted his personality... crossed eyes, hand gestures, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed his antics during the shoot and his little surprises in my culling. Fortunately, he didn't ruin any shots or mama and papa bear would have been pretty upset!!

Heather and Steve, thanks for having me capture your gorgeous family on your gorgeous family property. It was a pleasure!