Family Lifestyle Session: Lehigh Valley Lifestyle Photographer

The every day. Honestly, it feels so, so long in the thick of it. And painful. Dressing toddlers in the morning is seriously like dressing a really drunk college friend. It's infuriating some days. The constant needs and wants are endless. The list of house chores is endless. We literally miss the day. People ask me what I did over the weekend and I joke, "I don't remember, I blacked out." I joke but... uhhhh... I'm kind of not joking. I have actually completely forgotten some memories and times in my life in the past 3 years that I definitely shouldn't have. But it's just so darn busy and stressful that I actually forget. It's survival.

And, I know I'm not alone. As I photographed one of my favorite families last evening, she shared this picture I took on social media with this quote, "This photo captures a rare moment of all of us at the table that lasted likely 2 minutes total. A moment we don't realize is happening in all the chaos of life. One day we will miss these moments and these photos will be our way of looking back and remembering how beautiful it really was even if at the time we don't notice it."

sneak-5I LOVE how she described this. THIS is why I think these sessions are so amazing to have. Because no matter how many times someone tells us to enjoy it now, let's get real, it's kind of hard to enjoy. But I know so well that I will sit with a pit in my stomach when I'm 50 years old and my babies are completely grown and out of the house (maybe? ha!) and aching to go back in time for one day and to have one of those crazy chaotic days.

It's scary. To let someone into your imperfect home. To have the mess show up. To see yourself in your normal everyday instead of your perfect hair and make up for the family portraits. It leaves you in this scary vulnerable state and then all of a sudden it melts away. You just do you and you embrace your imperfection as the most perfect thing about you and your family. The light in your eyes as you see your little one laugh. The smiles you share with your spouse in the midst of some tantrums. The moment your baby lays his head on your shoulder. Your little girl holding your hand as you walk down the stairs. Your son's booster seat that will so soon go off to another home or collect dust in the attic. How your daughter clings to her lovey. These are the perfect little pieces of your life worth remembering.


Here's what a full, beautiful lifestyle session looks like. It's a story. YOUR story.