Doylestown Family Photographer: Peace Valley Park Session

Almost exactly a year ago, Ann Marie contacted me to take some pictures of her adorable two kiddos. It was such a pleasure adding Seanie and Leah to my portfolio to build my business! I was so excited when she scheduled a full family session with me. I've known Ann Marie since elementary school, and I've known her husband Sean since middle school. I just love how my photography has reconnected me to old friends, and what I love more is that I get to document what seems like a totally normal, possibly uneventful time in their lives... which will turn out to be photographs that will have freeze framed fleeting memories. It's so awesome!

Ann Marie chose Peace Valley Park which is one of my very favorite locations for a photo shoot... or even just to be.

We met just before golden hour and roamed through the park. It was so fun to catch up and get some great family shots. Watching Seanie and Leah be the 5 and 3 year old they are is so fun! It reminds me so much of when my older brother and I were that age :).

Near the end of our session, after Seanie had already waded into the lake, we were all sweating, Sean had to take a business call, I forced all four of them to climb over a dried creek full of jagged rocks and questionable weeds to sit in high grass. You know what comes with high grass (aside from gorgeous photos?)... ticks. I always tell people to check for ticks. However, something we didn't anticipate was a huge mama spider walking over them with a large sac of eggs ready to pop at any second. I'm amazed that they kept it together as much as they did!

Sean and Ann Marie, thank you so much for having me take pictures of your beautiful family. It's amazing how time flies.

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