Bucks County Family Photographer: The "W" Family

This photo shoot... a lot went behind it. Heather sent me a text one day with an idea and a few pinned pictures. "I know this is a little out of your style, but will you do this?" Dreamy light, high grass and beautiful kids? I'm in! And honestly, I think the only thing  a little different than my usual style is that I've never done the juxtaposed chair, but I was totally open to it and I'm so glad we found one that worked! For the weeks that lead up to our session, Heather kept in touch with her ideas and planning. The pressure was mounting, right Heather? The day arrived, the sun was perfect and so was the air. Not too hot, just a beautiful summer day. I came on low energy. I love every single session I get to, but when shooting all day and dealing with tantrums in between, there are some days that I get to the end and I'm simply out of steam. Considering Heather and her family are dear friends, I didn't do as well of a job hiding my low mood. She admittedly said they weren't on their A-game either. Hey, it happens. Regardless, we got through out session and the whole time I knew we were getting some awesome stuff. How could we not? Everything aligned perfectly. As I brought their images up and did some sneak peeks, I couldn't believe how awesome they turned out. I was just so delighted.

Thanks for another awesome family Heather, Steve and Kids! I can't wait to see these up on your walls in the "green" room!!!

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