A Family Session: Lock Ridge Park

When I met this family, I immediately knew they were connected in a picture perfect way (no pun intended). I hate to use the word "perfect" because no one is.... but they truly seem perfect. In a genuine and modest way. I allow all of my photo shoots to "go with the flow." No rushing, I'm not going to force kids to sit if they're not ready or just don't want to and I like to just capture you. This family was so fun to follow around. It really felt like the photo shoot was secondary to why we were there. They had so much fun playing with each other and simply enjoying one another's company. I tried to grab their sweet, tender moments like mom zipping up her son's jacket and they're fun, carefree moments like running through the park or rolling around in leaves.

I feel like each picture truly captures the love they have for each other.

It was wonderful meeting the four of you!