Lehigh Valley Lifestyle Photographer: The "D" Family

This family was gifted a "mini" lifestyle session by my Holiday Card Contest winner. My rules were that the winner had to choose another family who had never had pictures taken by me. Not only has this family never had pictures by me, but they have never had professional pictures. What a deserving family! Planning this session was so much fun. Jodi, understandably, was unsure of what to expect from a lifestyle session. I explained that it had a "day in the life" feel; that I would guide them and make it easy. We came up with ideas of what they could do, went over outfit ideas and I assured her I'd make the magic happen. Like many families, she swore they'd end up looking like statues, awkward and totally weird in their pictures. I think they did okay, don't you ?! ;) I adored spending this Saturday morning with this family. It was like walking into a home I've been in many times before and talking with a family I have known for some time. We chatted about work, kids, school, life, their plans for the weekend... everything. As we chatted, I just snapped away. You see, once I help you get comfortable, the walls come down and you start being you. I promise! We had a Frozen concert, the four legged old man showed up (ohmygosh is he a love!), breakfast was made and eaten and dancing happened.  What an awesomely normal Saturday morning documented for a lifetime. My very, very favorite part of this session was when the little one (who clearly was the ham of the session!) disappeared for a bit while they were finishing up making their breakfast. Wait until you see what shows up at the table. I nearly died. It's these moments you never want to forget. And it was this moment that may or may not have had a strong influence on my song choice for their video. "D" Family, thank you oh so very much for welcoming me into your lives and your home. It was such a pleasure meeting you and getting to you know. I will see you again soon!

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