{4th birthday pictures} | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Trexler Preserve

It blows my mind that I'm taking Brady's 4th birthday pictures. Where does the time go? I've photographed this little guy since he was just a bump in his mama's belly. The pleasure I've had in the past 4+ years in getting to know this family and photographing them religiously throughout the years is something I can't even measure. Especially on a day like today, when Murphy's Law had me in a choke hold! Ending the day here, in this beautiful place, with these sweet little boys and their parents is exactly what I needed. Photography will forever be a therapy for me. I felt particularly drawn to those in between moments tonight. Capturing the actual shot, but really wanting to get the real life stuff in between... walking out of the trails, having a family huddle as we try and bribe the boys to stand in the spot with the perfect light, the moment after I think I'm done taking pictures... they were all so perfect and so real and so honest. Happy Birthday, buddy! I'm sure I'll see you guys next year!


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