Mother's Day Contest!

As I continue to grow and learn in life as both a mother and photographer, I am moved more and more when I photograph mother's with their children. So often, moms are the anchors in life. They are the nesters and the rulers of the roost. They keep everything in order (even when they feel like everything is out of order) and constantly put themselves last. As a child, and even still, I love nothing more than to hear about stories of being with my mom and I love it even more when there are pictures to back up this time. To be able to see my mother, her 33 year old self with me on her hip... it's simply amazing. To see this woman I have admired forever, being who I am right now. A 33 (well... not quite) year old mama with a baby on her hip and a toddler hanging on her legs. I literally get lost in photographs, especially the ones that have her in them. In this day and age, with cameras constantly readily available for those fleeting everyday moments, moms want nothing to do with being in the frame. Their hair is a mess, they have no make up on, they have yoga pants on.... again. They think "I'll get it in when we schedule a portrait session or on the next vacation or when I lose a few pounds." You know what though? Your kids don't give a shit if you have messy hair, no make up and yoga pants on. You're their world and I promise you they'd love nothing more than to have photographs of their childhood with YOU in it. And when I say their childhood, I mean their everyday. Yes, it's awesome getting beautiful portraits done when everyone is looking their best and smiling at the camera. You know what I want to savor? The chaotic mornings when everyone wants breakfast at the same time. Trying to get our shoes on to rush out the door. Doing side walk chalk on the first warm spring day. Reading our book before nap time. These are the moments I want to cherish forever and it is precisely why I'm doing my Project 52. So, this got me thinking. There are so many deserving moms out there who I know would absolutely love the opportunity to have a session that documents these fleeting little moments in their life. So, I'm giving a Lifestyle Session to a very deserving mother. Wait? What is a Lifestyle Session? Well, it's capturing candid moments of you and your family being yourself. I gently guide you so you don't feel awkward and unsure of what to do. We will chat before your session to come up with ideas so that your story unfolds. Some Lifestyle Sessions are a little more guided than others. Some become much more of a Documentary session. Imagine this. I knock on your door, I come in, and you essentially move about your routine as I capture away. This is what I want for you. I want to capture your everyday. I want to capture your story. Here's a sweet example of a family having a relaxing Saturday morning hanging out together and making and eating breakfast.

I feel like everyone deserves a session like this; a session that will freeze a time in your life that will be gone so soon. Who in your life deserves this? I will be accepting nominations for all of April. I will take time to read through all of the nominations and will be announcing the lucky winner (chosen at my discretion) on Mother's Day when I will also be sharing a little project I've been working on. Keep a look out! Here's what to do: If you're a mama who would LOVE this gift, be sure to share this blog post with someone who you think would love to nominate you. Anyone can be nominated as long as they're a mother and live within 15 miles of 18049 or willing to travel to 18049 for their session (yes, a lifestyle session like this can happen outside, too! Walks in the park, playground visits, a trip to the zoo, picnics, kids sporting events, mini golf... you name it). The mother you are nominating does not need to have biological children. She can be a step-mom, adoptive mom or a relative who plays mom in a child's life. They can also be any age. This can be a mama who is nearly empty nested or a mama who has only been in the job for a week! It's as simple as that! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at So, go ahead and get nominating!