What Kind of Photography is That?! {Behind the Scenes}

Okay, let's face it. Photography is big right now. I'm immersed in it every single living second of the day. It's a sickness. So, to be honest, I'm not quite sure how much the non-photographer world sees how much photography is around and growing. The skill set, styles and techniques that I am seeing are setting the bar so incredibly high. I'm blown away everyday by other photographers' talents. With this, the different types of photography are evolving and growing.

As a client, you can easily continue to find your classic portrait photographer. Typing in a search engine to find a photographer in your area to get updated family portraits, children portraits, and newborn portraits will give you a tremendous amount of amazing photographers to choose from, but what about all of this other stuff? Documentary, photojournalism, lifestyle.... What the heck is the difference?

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not all one in the same, but it kind of is. Sorry. There's no black and white in the world of creatives, people. I don't know what else to tell you. Here's what I can do for you though. I took a really awesome class with the name behind the The Rusty Lens Photography (seriously awesome teacher and photog) and in our notes, she had this super easy breakdown of styles, so here it is:

  • Photojournalism: news style of photography, reporting events as they occur.
  • Documentary: truthful, objective, unobtrusive, un-coached, sharing the story with a semi-lasting emotional connection from subject to viewer.
  • Lifestyle: candid, mild direction or coaching, less formal or unposed, visible emotion and natural interaction.
  • Classic Portraiture: controlled, semi formal to formal, posed or intentionally coached, timeless.
  • Environmental portraiture: intentionally developing a connection with a subject to their environment, a storytelling (classic) portrait.
  • Artistic: vision driven photography, often stretching the imagination through aides such as post processing, editing, props, costumes, or added drama.
  • Abstract: unclear, contorted, or distorted conception evoking art and beauty usually with shape, form, color or flow.

That's a little easier to understand, right? Hopefully!

For me, my photography and my heart lives for lifestyle/documentary. If you book one of these sessions with me, you won't regret it. I am totally in my element and live to give people these types of sessions. I have these sessions listed as "Lifestyle Sessions" in my packages simply because it's easier to use just one term even though Lifestyle and Documentary are pretty interchangeable for my style.

I wanted to show you what it's like to have a session like this so I decided to hire my totally fabulous friend and fellow photog of Jillian B Photography to join me on a newborn lifestyle session. She captured me behind the scenes to show you what it looks like to get the final result that you all see posted here on my blog once I'm done.

For your session, I will be chatting with you up until your session date. We'll talk about ideas, about your family and how to best capture them. I promise you won't be left hanging during your session! When I get to your home, I am ready to shoot at any time, but I always come in and chat with you as if I've known you forever (in the case of this behind the scenes session, I actually have known the mama forever!). It's something I love about my job. I love getting to know you and your families, it fills my love bucket! As we're chatting, you may see me pull my camera to my face and start snapping away... keep doing what you're doing! As your session moves on, we'll continue with planned things or I'll just tell you "keep doing what you're doing." It's literally that easy. I'll ask if I can stand on chairs, I'll ask to move curtains and drapes and couches. I'll let you know if you're making a funny face or if I want you to look somewhere else or if your arm looks a little wonky. The rest is up to me. Enjoy yourselves and I'll make the magic happen.

So, want to see what Jillian captured? Here is a sweet video I put together of her awesome stuff. You'll feel like you were with us at our session (thanks, Jillian!). Then, scroll down and take a peek the final images.  (PS this session was with my best friend and her new baby. So, when you see me snuggling and kissing the baby... it's because he's basically my nephew. I swear I don't do this to ALL babies even though I may want to a little bit)

THEN, click here to schedule you're very own Lifestyle Session with yours truly. It absolutely doesn't have to be with a newborn. It can be done for any time in your lives! I promise you won't regret it. Thanks for visiting. Now, go ahead and get back into the world with a little more photography knowledge! You're very welcome ;)