Food Photography: Diner 248

Food photography has always been interesting to me. I've never done it outside of my own food, but I enjoy reading articles and understanding it. So, when John of Diner 248 asked me if I'd be interested in taking new pictures for their menu and website, I couldn't decline. It was an exciting opportunity that I really enjoyed! Something I learned from this session is to never shoot food when you're hungry. I mean seriously. What was I thinking?! John was kind enough to send home some of the delicious food with me, and I was so glad he did. This diner's food is amazing. I'm not a diner girl. Not for any particular reason; I just never frequent diners. Well, Diner 248 isn't your typical diner. Check out their menu and tell me you're not drooling. Or, better yet, just look at the pictures!

Thanks for welcoming me into the diner, John, and for opening my eyes to a brand new diner experience. If you're from the Lehigh Valley, I definitely recommend checking this place out!