Barre3 Allentown: In the Park {Allentown Rose Garden}

Barre3 Allentown. Oh, how I love you. When I saw the Facebook post for Barre3 in the park, I immediately signed up! And then, when Brittany (fabulous Barre3 Allentown owner) asked if I could snag a few shots, I had no hesitation. In fact, my dear husband lugged along a ladder so I could get some high shots. (Thanks, love!)

Barre3 in the park. Who knew what to expect, really? The people, smiles and yoga mats just poured in. The sun was shining and smiles were on.  It was one of those things where you just got chills being apart of it. It was truly an event to remember.

As Brittany started the opening breaths, she got choked up. She's not the only one. This community that she has built is something that I can hardly put into words. It's a tribe. It's built with love and strength. It's so much more than just exercise. It's being true to yourself, your community, being healthy, supporting one another... I could go on and on. I'm so honored to be apart of it both behind the lens and in the studio.

I was happy to get shots and jump in to get some of the work out. Once everything wrapped up, I jumped up to give Brittany a hug and say my goodbyes but couldn't help but shed happy, proud tears. We connected as mommies and started a crazy parallel journey as business owners together. To see her success is so empowering and inspirational. I'm so genuinely happy and excited for her.

If you are at all interested in Barre3, I strongly encourage checking it out! It's a total body experience!! Thank you Brittany for bringing this incredible workout to our community. Read more about Barre3 here and definitely be sure to check out Barre3 founder, Sadie Lincoln's, super rad article here on photoshopping and being real. Totally in love with the message!

Oh, and if you were there (or not!) and heard the awesome music playing... you can thank Wes from Wesley Works! We used him as our wedding DJ (loved!) and have become friends with him over the years. Wesley Works is pretty much as awesome as they get. Check them out for your next event.