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When I met Kate and Alex last year in our consultation, we discussed the possibility of a snowy engagement session. Considering how the past few winters have been, it never crossed our minds that this may be hard to pull off. I mean, it's Pennsylvania, we always get snow! We stayed in touch through the winter, painfully watching the forecast calling for no snow. Then, on a beautiful Friday in March, the snow fell. It was like a winter wonderland! BUT, low and behold, I was shooting a wedding that day and it melted as quickly as it fell. Later in March, snow arrived again. A so called "blizzard" that didn't amount to as much, but we still go our snow. Despite the the midst coming from the skies and the foggy forecast, Kate and Alex were thrilled to have their at home snowy engagement session.

This couple is adorable and in love. It was so fun to hang with them and photograph their smiles and their sillies. I also loved our post photo shoot fun of playing with their adorable cat and talking craft beer. The ways to this girl's heart! I can't wait to shoot this wedding in November!

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