Northampton County Wedding: Ivy + Chris, Married!

Finally! I give you my Northampton County Wedding images from Ivy and Chris' wonderful wedding day! Where do I begin? Some of you may, or may not know, that I've never been interested in photographing weddings. However, I took the opportunity last December to photograph my friend's sister's wedding and it was a phenomenal experience. Do I want to be a wedding photographer and move away from portraits? Maybe one day. In the meantime, I look forward to taking on a handful of weddings a year to continue to grow and get to know some really awesome couples through my camera while still being a family and children photographer getting to know awesome families and babies, too!

ANYHOW, back to Ivy and Chris. I met with them back in February/March and explained my experience in photographing weddings. Obviously that was a short conversation, but they'd seen my other work, we clicked and decided we were a match made in wedding photography heaven! Getting to know Ivy and Chris over the next few months was a great experience. They are a couple who are genuinely in love, have such incredibly kind hearts and make you feel like you've been friends with them your whole life. I got to know them even more during their engagement session. Certainly, not knowing what to expect, they were a bit nervous, but as soon as those nerves faded, we had a blast and got some amazing photos.

Since their engagement session, Ivy and I kept in touch to work out the schedule of the day, visit her parents' incredible property where the wedding would be held, and work out the details.

In working out those details, as the photographer, I NEED to know what plan B is for rain... especially if plan A is an all outdoor wedding. Ivy constantly ignored this question and finally answered by saying "it's not going to rain." Well, you can guess what kind of whether we had. I'll get to that in a minute.

First let's start with this breathtaking bride. Her entire wedding day was not like others. She didn't have every detailed nailed down, she didn't have a room full of girls as she got dressed, she didn't have a perfect minute by minute itinerary. And you know what? I LOVED that. It kept us laid back and totally focused on the fact that the day was solely about these two amazing people vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

I loved capturing Ivy getting ready. I loved her honesty, her silliness, her sister and mom digging for her wedding jewelry... yup, you heard me. She didn't have jewelry picked out until after her dress was on! And guess what? What they picked was absolutely perfect.

Chris was understandably nervous... I mean... he was about to get married! But he was sure looking dapper. Obviously, I was swooning over a grey suit and yellow tie. Totally EJP!

Ivy and Chris chose to do a first look. Per Ivy's request, we did it by the gorgeous fountain in the front yard. It was so fun to feel both of their nerves and then see them begin to fade as they laid eyes on each other for the first time.

We were also thrilled that the rain seemed to be holding off! The ground was super wet, but we got some great shots throughout the gorgeous property!

Oh, Ivy! You're so pretty!!

This was definitely a DIY wedding. Ivy did such an awesome job pulling all of these fun details together that totally encompassed them as a couple. The pinwheels (ALL made by hand!), the candy table, the cake, the cake topper... just awesome.

Waiting and mingling before the big "I do"!

The officiant got stuck in traffic (it happens!) and we all anxiously watched the radar with the big green blob heading our way. The skies were clear though, so we kept with plan A... get married under the tree.

Wouldn't you know that the skies opened up the SECOND Ivy and her dad walked "down the aisle"?! We kept with it though. Fortunately, my awesome hubby was standing over me with an umbrella.

Oh, those faces. They're the best part!

And the giving away...

See? I mean, it was seriously raining. And raining harder by the second. Not the minute. The second.

Ivy's parents and sister... seriously love this image!

Ivy: "Heck YEAH I do!!"

So, at this point, the ceremony was just about done. The vows, the rings (and we're talking a 5 minute ceremony anyway). The officiant was reading his part off of the iPad. I'm still not sure what happened - either he couldn't read it through all the raindrops or the iPad went kaput from all the rain. Either way, he suggested we all head under the tent. As we were about to make our way, Ivy said "Can't you just quick pronounce us husband and wife?" He could. So, he did. So funny and such an awesome moment!

Now, time to party!

Starting off with a toast by dad! By the way, love this guy!!! He's a retired clown. Yup, a retired clown! Such an entertainer and such a genuine guy.

A gorgeous fall bouquet.

Ivy checked in with me every now and then to ask what they were forgetting to do, or what should happen next. "You guys will probably want to cut the cake at some point." "Oh, the cake!" ha. Seriously loved this wedding.

"And don't forget the other speeches."

And finally, a couple bridal party shots. Rain and all.

Ivy and Chris, you are both so blessed with an incredible love. A love for each other, a love from your amazing families, a love from your friends and an incredible love (and zest!) for life. Being your wedding photographer was such a priceless experience. I'm so grateful to have had it, both professionally and personally. I wish you both years, and years of happiness.

I'll be waiting for a call to schedule a maternity session... ;)