Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer: Maggie + Ben {engaged!}

Gosh, I don't even know what our original scheduled date was for this session. We had to reschedule a few times because of work schedules, weather and the like. We also had originally planned to do the session at a beautiful location in Malvern. Due to rescheduling for the holiday weekend, we had to find a new spot since our original spot was going to be having a picnic. This leads me to the Trexler Preserve. If you're from the Lehigh Valley or you've ever had the opportunity to come to the Lehigh Valley Zoo, you have the pleasure of driving through the Treadler Preserve. The zoo sits comfortably right in the middle of it. The views and sights have always been so breathtaking. They have wild animals roaming and fields and fields of rolling hills. Every time I drive through, I think of how I would just love to do a session here. So... I found my opportunity.

I let Ben and Maggie know of the location and they were on board. The only set backs - it's nature so we need to be aware of ticks, and the gates automatically close at dusk which is dangerously close to when we'd be finishing our session. When I told Maggie we'd need to rough it a bit, her reply was, "We're hearty. We love exploring." This was music to my ears! Look at the images we got! Their hearty, laid back nature gave me freedom to put them in those gorgeous spots.

Now, let's talk about this couple for a minute. When I met them during our consultation, I immediately likes them. We talked a little wedding stuff, but then got into talking about personal lives and especially their dogs. Olaf and Gracie. Are they not the cutest dogs ever? I can hardly stand it. During our session, the interaction between these two was so incredibly natural and photogenic. I couldn't believe it. They made my job SO easy. They're truly a perfectly matched couple.

They'll be getting married in one short month and I absolutely can't wait to document their day! Maggie and Ben, thank you oh, so much for coming to the Lehigh Valley and exploring this amazing location with me! I'm just in love with your session, and I can't wait for your big day.

Oh yeah... and remember how I said the gates closed at dusk? We literally rolled out as they were closing. They bounced back open for us as we were rolling through. Perhaps there's an automatic opener for cars coming out, but the sign has a huge warning about entrapment. I don't have any interest in actually finding out. We got out; that's all that matters!


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