Jess & Steve: Engaged!

This engagement photo shoot at Lock Ridge park was so special! Jess and Steve are recently engaged with a spring wedding planned. What makes it even more special is that this dad and son and mom and daughter are coming together to make one big family. How awesome! Coming from a blended family myself and having a step-brother, it was so fun to watch these two kiddos run around together and be goofy. I regularly comment that I have three brothers. When people find out that one is a step, it's as if he loses credibility as a sibling. Well, pictures like this proved that you don't have to be genetically related to be 100% siblings!

Jess and Steve make such a sweet couple who really compliment each other. The four of them fit together like puzzle pieces. It was so fun to hang out at the park and capture their family and their love... and her ring! (Way to go, Steve!)

Congratulations on your growing family and your wedding!!