Ivy & Chris, Engaged!!: A Carnival Engagement Session

This carnival engagement session in Bucks County was just.so.fun.!! Ivy and Chris met with me back in the winter when they decided to choose me as their wedding photographer. Wahoo! As we talked about their engagement session, we thought it'd be fun and very suitable for Ivy and Chris to have their session taken place at a location a little different. A carnival suits them perfectly. They're two peas in a pod. Quarky, fun, easy going, great senses of humor... doing their engagement session was like hanging out with some friends and I just so happened to have my camera with me.

We started at the carousel in Peddler's Village. All three of us were expecting a crowded mess of kids, but we arrived and the angels sang. It was nearly empty!! As soon as I took a look at the carousel, my thought was, "Wow, it's perfect." Quickly followed by, "Wow, that seems to be going really fast!" We hopped on, Ivy and Chris picked their horses and I took my stance. Nothing like a pregnant lady standing on a moving ride to make someone nervous! Ha! We did great... I got dizzy, but it was worth every single spin.

From there, we headed to the Midway Carnival. To be honest, I think we were hoping for something a little more. Maybe more games or a bigger Ferris Wheel, but we quickly realized that those things didn't matter, just the chemistry between them. I mean seriously, I've never seen two people have so much fun eating cotton candy together! It was friggin' adorable!

I decided to stay on the ground for the Ferris Wheel ride. After intensely investigating this ride, I felt that I could get the best shots from below. And with the amount of times they went around, I was right. Again, so cute!

Ivy and Chris, thank you so much for hanging out with me for your engagement session and choosing me to document your special day. I can't wait for September, you little love birds!