Engagement Photography Session: At home

This engagement photography session took place at Erika and Kyle's home... she almost held out on me!! Erika inquired about wedding photography a few months ago. We met over some coffee and hit it off... actually, we definitely hit it off via e-mail first. It was obvious that we were meant to know each other and for me to capture their wedding. Since meeting Erika, we've been in regular contact. I love that about her. Whether it's a questions directly related about photography or not, she wants my input and I just love that. She's bubbly, she's happy, she's honest, she's awesome.

We tentatively scheduled a November session, knowing that I was "on leave" and that it will depend on how my recovery post baby was going. Fortunately, all was well and we were able to move forward with our plans! ... kinda! We originally planned to meet at Lockridge Park. After some chatting, realized that it'd be a bit too far for their precious Sammi to travel (she gets car sick :(). So, Erika suggested a home session and sent me some cell phone shots of their back yard. Ummmmm, yeah. We're having your session at your house! A gorgeous field atop miles of views of the Lehigh Valley mountains. GORG.EOUS.

I arrived to Erika and Kyle's, they're such a perfect match! We decided to get some inside shots first, then head outside. Inside was a bit too warm, outside was a bit too cold, but man did we get some awesome pictures. Erika was glowing, Kyle was a really good sport and Sammi was such a sweetie!

In August, they'll be getting married close to their home, and I just can't wait. It's absolutely going to be a wedding to remember. Congratulations! Happy planning :)