Dana & Jose: Peace Valley Park

Dana and Jose met me at Peace Valley Park for a "just because" photo shoot (my favorite kind!). They brought their sweet 3-year-old pup, Sky along. She's gorgeous and I couldn't wait to photograph her, but I should have warned them... bringing a dog to Lake Galena is like taking a kid to Disney World and asking them to pose for the camera. It's just not gonna happen! Needless to say, she ended up in the lake before I even snapped my first picture, but that's why this photo shoot turned out so great. Dana and Jose are a striking couple. Seriously. As I've said so many times before, I don't really pose people. Sometimes, my clients take this and run with it and other times, I have clients who feel unsure. Both of these types end up with great photos. Interestingly, Dana kept saying "I'm not good at posing".... but they were, and that's why I hardly said anything and just kept shooting.

Between the elements, Dana and Jose's good looks and Sky's spontaneity, I just love how this session turned out!