Bucks County Wedding Photographer: Michelle + Dave

I'm not quite sure when Michelle first contacted me. Probably because it was during the winter. My winter is a complete fog. We had just moved, I just had a baby who I was desperately trying to keep healthy and I was just simply in that post-partum, sleep deprived haze. I don't remember a whole lot from the winter! But what I do remember is that when I first talked with Michelle, she seemed sweet as pie and super laid back. Booking this wedding wasn't conventional. Michelle and Dave didn't need a photographer for 8 hours or even 4. They just wanted someone to document their sweet little ceremony and take portraits. Super easy. We finalized everything and simply waited for May 15th to arrive. And boy did it sneak up on us!

Since this wasn't a conventional booking, Michelle, Dave and I actually hadn't met in person. Michelle and I talked so much on the phone, that I feel like I definitely already knew her, but that blind date aspect of meeting a photographer is always fun. It was so great to arrive and put faces to the names. Michelle literally took my breath away. What a gorgeous bride she made! (Dave, you were stunning, too!). What makes her even more beautiful is how genuinely kind she is. She's someone you just want to hug and simply be around. As a photographer, you never know exactly what you're walking into, which can be unnerving. In this case, I walked into perfection!

The ceremony and details were simple and, well, perfect. The colors, the flowers, and the exchange of vows all had this simplicity that was just so beautiful. And the tree! Ohmygosh, the tree. Absolutely outstanding. When I walked up to it, I felt like I knew it, but didn't think much of it. Later, thinking about it, I realized I did know it! My parents have always admired a tree together. They have it photographed in its four seasons and framed in their bedroom. It always resinated with me. Don't you know this is the same tree? It's amazing how things come full circle. When I realized this, Michelle and Dave's ceremony and union became that much more special to me.

The ceremony was perfect. The blue skies, the sunshine, the love and smiles. (Let's start counting how many times I use the word perfect, shall we?!). Then, the portraits. Again, as a photographer, you never know what you're walking into. Some people are easier than others when it comes to taking directions for portraits (I fall into the category of being difficult, ha!). Michelle and Dave's group was awesome. Perfect (there's that word again!) mix of fun, silly and cooperative. I had such a great time with them.

Michelle and Dave, I simply can't thank you enough for choosing me to document such a big milestone in your 11 year relationship! Congratulations to both of you. Enjoy your wedded bliss and many, many years of love and happiness!!

Below are a few of my favorites. Kinda hard to choose since I pretty much love every single image from their day!

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