Zoe Turns 1!: Lehigh Valley, PA

Zoe's first birthday photo shoot was the first of several in a row! I took a few pictures of little Miss Zoe during my blue bell minis and was thrilled when Dina called to ask if I'd take pictures for her first birthday milestone. I couldn't believe how much she grew! This little lady chatted more than any one year old I've ever met. I couldn't stop laughing! She was so serious in everything she was saying and truly was holding a conversation throughout her entire shoot, I loved it!

As always, I love capturing one year olds in their element. They change so fast; learning and growing. When you're in the moment, you think you'll remember forever how they played with a certain toy, or scooted around a certain way. Then, all of a sudden, 4 months later, it's such a distant memory, you can hardly remember. So, I love to capture those small moments so their parents can look back and say "remember when."

We then headed outside for some classic Leo birthday pictures with a beautiful sunflower! I had mom pop into a couple pictures, and couldn't help but continue shooting. Dina's bond with her little Zoe is just such a precious gift. Such a beautiful duo!

Happy Birthday, Zoe!!!

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