Welcome, John Paul IV!

Yes, I'm behind on blogging my 365 pictures and yes, I'm also behind on blogging all of my fabulous August and September sessions... they're coming, I promise. I'm behind because things have been quite  busy in the Miller household since spring. Between photo shoots, being pregnant, caring for our daughter, buying a new home and COMPLETELY renovating it, selling our old home and packing, I'm amazed we made it out with smiles on our faces! We moved on October 12th, settled on our old home on October 15th, and our baby boy arrived 11 days early on October 17th. The house continues to have unpacked boxes, we have many unfinished parts of the house and lots of dirt, but the house is exploding with love. We are so happy to have Daddy (my dear, dear husband) back home after spending all of his free time renovating our new home while we were still living in the old house. We're back together again and a very happy family of 4!

I'm looking forward to our family lifestyle pictures from my friend Caren of CAG Photography, but in the meantime, I snapped some of our little guy's individual pictures. I know he's mine, but man he's cute!!

Thank you to all of my friends and clients for being patient and understanding as I had to cancel my October sessions and turn down other fall inquiries :( . I look forward to the few sessions I have scheduled during my time off and really look forward to all of the sessions I'm booking for next year already!

Without further ado, meet our sweet John Paul.

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