Welcome, James!: At home

I love newborn shoots. Just capturing their simplicity and the family's adoration is so refreshing and  just sweet. When I met James, my first reaction was "He's such a peanut!" and then mom told me he was 9 lbs 12 oz!! Okay, maybe not a peanut. But compared to my 18 lb ten month old... he's a peanut.

James was such a wonderful model. There was very little crying and he was so easy going. Mom was a wonderful sport by hanging with me the whole shoot to help move him around - I always like mom or dad to do this so they're involved. Plus, my hands are always freezing!! (I might have to start packing gloves for newborn shoots!). James' brother, Joey, was also around for the whole shoot. He didn't always want to be in front of the camera, but when he was, boy is he a ham! Such an adorable little boy, and he's a wonderful big brother. And let's not forget about Dad! He helped keep Joey occupied while James took up all of our attention, and he warded off nap grumpies; which is hands down the hardest job there is!What a wonderful family. I just love meeting new people. Best wishes to all four of you! I hope to see you again :)

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