Welcome, Baby Logan!: At Home

What a pleasure to take pictures of Logan and his big sister, Lexi! I've known their mama for many, many years... I love when my photography brings me back in touch with people from different parts of my life! I met Lexi once already, at her cousin's first birthday party, but I got to know her much better in her element at her Grandma's house (which happens to be 15 minutes from me!). Lexi will be 2 in a few days... she blows my mind for a 2 year old! Potty trained, articulate, SO well behaved, and super cute to boot! Plus, seeing her as a big sister can melt anyone's heart. 

This post is about Logan though! SUCH a sweet, sweet little baby. Since he's nearly a month old, there was no sleepy newborn pictures for this little guy. He was alert the entire time! In between shots, his mama would give him some milk to help calm him down... I LOVED how he kept his little milk face on even after the bottle was gone. Too cute. Oh, but of course we needed at least one crying picture. They're just too cute to pass up.

Seriously, such a doll.

...and Mommy's little all star.


Piggy toes!

And one last ham shot from Lexi!

Jackie & Cliff, thank you so, so much for having me capture your 2nd little miracle. You're children are just beautiful, inside and out!