Welcome, Baby Landon!

I love taking Landon's newborn pictures at his home in Perkasie! Landon is officially the third newborn Reinert baby that I've photographed and I couldn't be more honored. I've known Landon's dad since we were little kids, and once again, my photography has connected me to people from my past... I just love it!! Landon arrived on his due date. Isn't that awesome! I just love hearing that! He was a whopping 9 lbs and you'd never know it by how awesome his mama looked and seemed to feel just a week after he was born. Colleen looked amazing, was so relaxed during the entire 3+ hours I was there, and so was Adam. Landon is one lucky little dude to have them as his mommy and daddy!

As usual, we only got a few portraits of Landon before he decided he didn't want to be moved around and molded. Honestly, I certainly wouldn't tolerate being picked up and moved around every time I fell asleep! When little newbies decide it's time for a break, we move on to life style shoots. As always, they're my favorite. Colleen and Adam were so cute holding their new little guy. Admiring him, laughing and smiling at everything he did... I loved being able to capture this for them. And their pup Cole... man was he a cutie! Probably the most camera shy dog I've ever met. He cracked me up.

Fortunately, this part of our session put Landon right back to sleep so we could get some more portraits. He did awesome! Such an adorable little man.

Congratulations Colleen and Adam!!