Welcome, Baby Joey: At home

In July, I did a maternity photo shoot for Laura and Joe. They offered they're beauty and sweet baby bump to help build my portfolio. Here are a couple pictures from that session.

This couple is now nicknamed "my Pinterest couple". The black & white picture above has been pinned 2300 times and counting. That just blows my mind!

Laura and Joe welcomed baby Joe on October 13th. I was honored when they invited me into their home to take photos of their new little bundle of joy. Though, not so little... he was a whopping 9.4 lbs!

Laura and Joe had a few props they wanted to incorporate; one being a cradle that her grandfather made for her and her siblings. A beautiful, comfy cradle it is!


We then moved on to a couple family shots, and of course included Joe's big brother, Rowdy. I'm pretty sure if I was a dog, I'd have a crush on Rowdy. He's just the sweetest.


We wanted to be sure to get some close ups of this handsome face. Sure enough, and as expected, Joe was hungry immediately after I started shooting. Joe took a few mama's milk breaks and refused to fall asleep! We caught him "milk drunk" for a few minutes, so I was able to get some peaceful shots. This little babe is so alert and already doesn't want to miss anything! Getting these shots took time and patience, but boy was it worth it. What an adorable little man!

We also wanted to try and get a couple shots of Baby Joe and his big brother, but it wasn't as easy as hoped. Still cute though!

I think Rowdy is saying "When can I get up? When can I get up? When can I get up?".

I grabbed some quiet Mommy & Joe moments... (mommy and baby moments make me teary!)

I had to grab this one! I think it's so sweet that Rowdy sits by his mama and brother. She said he sits with her almost every time she nurses. Clearly this pulled at my heart strings also since my Riley does the same thing!

This one below is my favorite. Oh.my.cuteness.

Father, son!

(and other son, too!)

So, the above picture is to replicate one of Joe. I kinda wish I had Joe's picture to see if we got it! His dad gave him this football when he was a baby and he has a picture of himself in *almost* the same position. How cool! Oh, and.... Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Laura and Joe, congratulations on Baby Joe! He is such a handsome little guy. It has been so fun for me to be able to capture your pregnancy, and now capture your first (hazy!) moments as parents. It only gets better! ;) Congratulations!!