The Wills Family: At Home

Jill snagged me a while ago to book sweet little Hank's 6 month pictures and she has been giddy excited since! BUT she booked the shoot for the day after she came home from an 11 day vacation. Not only was she gone for 11 days, but she drove to Michigan and back... with a 6 month old... alone. Yeah, clearly we rescheduled for a few days later! Hank stole my heart (and Hannah's!) from the first time I met him. I think he was about 10 weeks old. He has such a big personality and is seriously as cute as a button! He's such a big boy sitting up and standing in his crib. I can hardly stand it!

Taking pictures of him was a blast. Check out all his different faces: silly Hank, proud Hank, serious Hank, dead tired Hank, happy Hank, bored Hank... just love this kid.


Happy half birthday, Hank! I can't wait to continue to watch you grow into the awesome little man you already are. You make cute kids, Jill and Henry!!