The Sheridan Family: Peace Valley Park, New Britain, PA

Meet the Sheridan family! They recently had a second baby boy, completing their family. I had so much fun meeting them and taking pictures for them! Anthony is all boy and their little family is exploding with love and happiness.

When I posted my sneak peek on my Facebook page, I commented that I loved their accent. I have a slight Philly accent, having grown up with parents and grandparents having strong accents, but now that I'm in PA Dutch country, all I hear is... well, PA Dutch! So, now when I hear Philly accents I can really hear it and I love it. If you're not familiar with the Philly accent, we say "wooder" instead of "water", "jeet" instead of "did you eat" and my favorite, "tail" instead of "towel." I remember being a kid and being very confused about the difference between a "tail" that you use to dry yourself and a "tail" that a dog wags. Ha! ANYHOW, the Sheridans have a great Philly accent and it was so refreshing to be around! I also loved that they kicked off their flip flops and walked around barefoot for 90% of the pictures.

Their fun and carefree personalities are so evident in these pictures! I love that.


Jim and Lauren, thank you so much for having me capture your beautiful family! You have two incredible little boys. Congratulations on baby Jimmy!!