Ryan turns {6 months} old!: Bucks County Baby Photographer

Wasn't it yesterday that I was here taking your newborn pictures? I'm just not quite sure where the time goes. It's been so fun watching you grow [into a spitting image of your mom, sorry Matt!]. You are so full of life, love and laughter. What a special little boy you are, baby Ry! Matt and Shan, thank you for having me come to your home to capture your little man. Each time I hold him, I want to squeeze tighter (but not too tight!) and never let go. You've made one perfect little baby!

Happy 6 months, Ry. Please slow down!


If you want to capture your baby's 6 month milestone, Erin is a Bucks County Baby Photographer and you can contact her here or at erin@ejoycephotography.com