Marlaina: At home

Sweet little Marlaina was born in August, so her parents thought it would be fun to do a shoot by the pool! Marlaina did SO great for her little photo session despite being a tiny 12 days old. She was awake for most of it, and she was so alert! The entire time I photographed her, I couldn't believe my little Hannah was this tiny only a few short months ago. They grow so fast.


Things I learned at this photo shoot:

1) Marlaina is an awesome name. 2) Babies in crocheted mermaid outfits are beyond adorable. 3) A baby with her fur brother is also beyond adorable (okay, I already knew this). 4) Marlaina's mommy looks pretty darn amazing 12 days post baby. and 5) Squatting very low in grass while taking pictures can result in a substantial amount of bug bits... but they're so worth it!

Congratulations Nicky and Ryan!! You're sweet baby girl is gorgeous!