Macungie Children Photographer: First Birthday Session!

What a blast to meet Aiden and his parents! Like many shoots, when I arrive, it's like a blind date. You don't know what they'll look like, or how you'll click. Well, I hit it off with this gang! Our dog has the same name, Alison had props set up that I already had (with me!... seriously, identical props), Alison and Scott enjoy craft beer, their dog's name is Riley... the commonalities were endless! Aiden was so adorably sweet and smiley for his session. I couldn't get enough of him! It's as if he knew it was his big photo shoot for his big birthday! We had so much fun setting things up to take fun pictures, and also just letting him be his cute one year old self. And what better way to end a session than to have some cake before dinner??

Happy Birthday to you Aiden!!


Be sure to contact me if you would like first birthday pictures of your little one!