Lock Ridge Park: Friends + Kids!

Vicky contacted me a couple weeks ago and explained that she wanted to set up a surprise photo shoot for her good friend Jen. I thought this was such a sweet idea!

Though, Jen guessed the surprise when Vicky told her to "look her best" that day! Either way, what a wonderful gift!

For Jen and me, it felt like a fairly warm "spring" day. It was in the lower 40's... seems cold, but when we've been living a winter of Polar Vortexes, low 40's is a heat wave! HOWEVER, Vicky and her boys are from Georgia. Lower 40's is a bit chilly, and Vicky's youngest was certainly feeling it!

Regardless of the not so warm temperatures, I just love how these pictures turned out! Boys being boys and two friends just loving their kiddos.

The boys.... oh.my.cuteness. Vicky's oldest was so excited to just run around. Getting him to sit still for pictures was a very typical challenge of a 2 year old boy :). He's just so cute!

And the little ones?? Swoon! I mean seriously, they're little studs! Oh, and Jen's little boy just turned ONE!!

Once we reached our frigid tolerance, we decided to take a few more pictures in the field (which will be full of blue bells very soon!). It was so sweet to just capture the five of them interacting together. What a special thing to have.

Jen and Vicky, you're so fortunate to have such a special friendship! Thank you so much for asking me to capture these moments between you and your kiddos. It was an honor!