Liana's Baptism: A Mini Photo Shoot at Home

Liana's mom, Kristina, asked me last minute if I was free on Sunday morning to come to her home to take pictures of Liana before her baptism. Fortunately, I was free! I headed over to her house to do a mini photo session of Liana getting dressed and to get some family shots before they headed off to church. When I realized that her side of the family was Italian Catholic, I was a bit giddy since I come from the same background. I almost felt at home! 

For the mini session, I first got some shots of the small details, from the dress, booties, and headband. The necklace is Kristina's grandmother's from Italy. How cool!



While Liana waited to get dressed, her daddy stole a couple kisses!



Watching her Godparents dress her was so special. I'm so honored that I could be there to capture such a tender moment. When I edit photos, I carefully choose only a few pictures to be black and white. When I edited these specific shots, I decided that making them black and white told the story perfectly. 


How beautiful?! Here is the gorgeous baby girl all dressed up. I mean honestly... gorgeous.



Stunning, isn't she?!

And, finally, a few pictures of Liana with her family.


So much love in that house! Kristina and Josh, your baby girl is absolutely gorgeous. God bless her!