Lehigh Valley Photographer: {Raya's Cake Smash}

Oh this little love. I honestly could have stolen this child, she was just the sweetest, most cuddly, smiley, most adorable little baby. She was so easy going and she loved her cake. The "mmmm" after each bite was absolutely precious. She was a delicate eater and didn't overeat, but she sure enjoyed every single bite. What makes me more in love with her is that I'm just about obsessed with her entire family. All of them, both sets of grandparents, all of her aunts and uncles on each side, her sister... every one of them has been in front of my lens. Thinking about it, I think they're the only family that has spread that far and wide to be in front of my lens. It's a family that you simply want to be apart of the minute you meet them.

But, I digress. Sweet little Raya will be one year old in just a few short days. Where did the year go? Happy, Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

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