Lehigh Valley One Year Session: Max Turns 1!

Oh, sweet Max! This precious boy has been in front of my lens since he was 3 months old. Once again, I'm incredibly humbled to have this awesome family have me capture their sweet boy's first year. Amazing! Though it was a bit windy, dad didn't feel well, Max was recovering from a cold, nap time crept up way too quickly, and a couple falls... we still managed to have another wonderful session. He is literally as sweet as the cake that he smashed into! I also love his parents. They're so easy to be around and go with the flow.

Thank you for having me capture your pride and joy for this past year! It's been a blast getting to know you and watch your little guy grow. Happy Birthday, Max!

If you would like to have your little ones first year captured, be sure to contact me here or at erin@ejoycephotography.com