Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer: Welcome, Coraline!

Being a first time parent is something that simply can't be put into words. Getting the nursery ready, the little clothes, the details. Imagining this tiny little human being in your arms at any time. Then, all of a sudden they're here. Even though you are utterly sleep deprived and have no clue what you're doing, you're head over heels and can't remember life without this little person who is only a few days new. Being a photographer, getting to capture these precious firsts is absolutely magical. The diaper changing, feedings, sleepy smiles, snoozes, cries, admiring your significant other in a totally unexpected new way.... to be able to document this for my clients is more than I can even describe. Every newborn session is special. I adore being able to cuddle little babies! But there's something so astounding with doing a lifestyle session. Lauren and Tim welcomed their gorgeous little lady a few days late and she's just perfect. She did an amazing job snoozing for almost all of our session! We captured so many sweet moments as a new family. Baby feet, baby smiles and everything in between! What's even better, I get to see this lady again at 6 months and one year old! Doing a full year of sessions with a baby is seriously my favorite thing. Love!

Congratulations on your precious little lady, Lauren and Tim! Thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to capture and share such a special time in your lives. Cora is just perfect and I can't wait to watch her grow. Be sure to take in every little bit of cuteness and be sure to to take naps, too! I'll see you in December!

If you're expecting and in need of a Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer to document your new little one through lifestyle photography, be sure to contact Erin at erin@ejoycephotography.com or here.